The Battle Within

Understanding your enemy and how they attack is critical to achieving victory. Ross walks us through Galatians 5:16-18 to help us understand that the battle is not a battle against our old sinful nature. The old self was crucified with Christ. The battle is with the flesh – which is in you, but not you. It is not even a battle that you are meant to overcome on your own. It is Jesus that provides victory over sin and temptation.

God Demonstrates His Love

On Easter Sunday we celebrate the victory of Jesus Christ on the cross. Ross takes us through Romans 5:6-8 where we see that it was while we were in bondage to sin, death and shame – helpless to free ourselves – that Jesus gave His life. It was more than just an act of love, it was an act of strength motivated by His love, as Jesus became our champion over sin and death.

Life in the Apartment

For too long Christian’s have held the belief that their sanctification was all up to them. But as 1 Thessalonians 5:23 tells us, it’s God’s work to sanctify us—and He’s faithful to do it. When we discover this truth, the real transformation can begin. For this week’s message, Ross uses an analogy of an apartment to illustrate what that looks like.

The Authority of Jesus

Authority is a scary word and can spur on negative feelings. However, the authority of Jesus is a running theme in the book of Luke. Do we accept that Jesus is in authority? What does it look like to submit to it? Luke 5:17-26 is a passage with some clues to understanding the authority of Jesus in our lives.

This week, at our Sunday gather, Robin Antoine shared the message and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Take a listen below.

The Invitation

We were designed for life in Eden, but this world sure isn't it. All of us experience things we were never designed to experience. We carry weight we weren't designed to carry. To us, Jesus says "Come to me, and I will give you rest. Living life through and with me can be easy—pleasant even. I want to show you what I'm really like. I want to show you what's true about you. Then, you'll realize your outlook and your future is more hopeful than you've ever imagined..."

The Truth About Giving

There has been much confusion and bondage around the topic of money in the church. “How much is a person supposed to give?” “Am I robbing God if I don’t give Him my tithe?” In this message, Ross discusses the difference between tithing and giving. How one belongs to the Old Covenant and the other to the New, and how Father is much more interested in your heart than He is in your wallet.