Together as One

Ephesians 1:8-10 tells us that God's eternal plan was to bring His family together under a New Covenant that is summed up in Jesus Christ. A fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham to be a father to a multitude of nations. Join Ross as he discusses what family looks like within a church, specifically within New Life Fellowship.

Why Doesn't the New Life in Me Change My Circumstances?

In The Book of Malachi, The Hebrews wondered if God loved them based on what they saw going on around them? They were looking for life on the outside. Sometimes new Covenant believers get stuck doing the same thing—even though what we have in Christ is far better than what those under the Old Covenant experienced. A deeper look at how Christ's Life in us will help us rest in the fact that the life we are looking for is found on the inside—not outside.

The God Who Sees

What would it mean to you if someone took a deep interest in you. If you were fully known, inside and out, and loved even more as a result. That is what the Apostle Paul is describing in what has been called the treasure chest of the New Testament. Join Ross as he explores Ephesians 1:3-6 and discover what happens when God sees you.

What if You Knew?

"Exploring a life of shame, a really crappy week, and a moment of pure grace" — Josh Gordon

This week, many difficult and painful memories bubbled to the surface of my mind. It was as though Father invited me to walk with Him from one difficult moment in my history into another, then anotherr… He showed me that the damage I’d suffered cut down into my beliefs about ME.

True to His nature as a good, good Father, God stepped into each of those moments. He reminded me again of the beautiful truths of this journey, this LIFE, I’m walking with God.